Full Dentures

Full Denture

Full Denture

For the patient that no longer has natural dentition remaining, the full denture remains the best solution. Our clinic offers many different treatment options when it comes to full dentures, including precision dentures. Take advantage of our free consultation, where we tailor treatment plans to fit our patient needs, and answer any questions they may have.

Equilibrated dentures, also referred to as precision dentures, are made by specially trained denturists, that use equipment and techniques to obtain a more accurate and precise jaw record that is unique to each patient. This technique produces dentures that are more accurate and stable. Employing proprietary instruments, the jaw position and motion is recorded in the clinic, which then grants the ability to simulate jaw movements in the laboratory. We can simulate how the dentures will behave during function or chewing, resulting in dentures that provides optimal stability and comfort. Due to increased stability and fit, fewer adjustments are required.

For patients with flat lower ridges, we offer comfortable soft liners on lower dentures. The result is softer, more comfortable, and less painful to eat with lower dentures. The permanent silicon soft liner is the best solution for patients who experience discomfort caused by hard standard lower dentures.

For patients with stronger bites, we offer strengthening options in the form of cast metal palates. The result is thinner, stronger, and longer lasting upper dentures. Where standard acrylic upper dentures are more than 4mm thick in the palate area, the cast palate option brings the palate area thickness down to less than 1mm.