The cornerstone of our clinic is offering our patients relines in one day, while other denture clinics will process their relines overnight, which leaves patients without their dentures for two days. Some other clinics attempt to save time and use cold curing acrylic, which produces an inferior final product and will discolor over time. At our clinic, the patient is scheduled in the morning for impressions, their dentures are then processed in our laboratory with the superior option of heat cured acrylic, the patient then returns in the afternoon for insertion and adjustments if required.

There are two types of denture relines available, hard relines and soft relines. The majority of relines done are hard relines, which makes soft relines our specialty. Because of bone resorption, some patients are left with flat lower ridges, which cannot support the same chewing forces as larger ridges, so some cushioning is required. The soft reline, is processed in our laboratory the same way hard relines are processed, the major difference being the final product. When the soft reline is finished, the cushioning layer of heat cured silicone is permanently attached to the tissue surface of the lower denture.

Dentures that require relines will be loose while eating or talking, cause sore spots, and even start cracking down their center. Over time your ridges will change shape, and you may not notice, so it is recommended that you make an annual appointment for denture assessment. Relines are normally done every two years, and will improve the fit, performance, and lifespan of the denture.